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Premium Detroit Ranking TOP16 Mall Mala Beads Necklace 8mm - Japa 10

Premium Mala Beads Necklace - 8mm Mala Necklace - Japa Mala - 10


Premium Mala Beads Necklace - 8mm Mala Necklace - Japa Mala - 10


Product Description

Our malas are carefully handcrafted with natural and premium gemstones, - 108 of them to be precise - just like the traditional malas. All of our malas are hand knotted to extend their lives amp; every tassel is made of natural silk for extra softness. Our malas are handmade with natural beads from 7.5 mm to 8.5mm.

  • Every gemstone is said to have different properties, energies, and meaning
  • You can wear them around your neck, your wrist or hang them around your house until you meditate on them.
  • All of our handmade malas has 108 beads plus a larger guru bead.

What are Mala Beads?

Mala beads necklaces are not only gorgeous jewelry, they are also traditional meditation tools that have been used for thousands of years. When used in meditation, they count the number of times a mantra (a repeated phrase such as “I am enough “ or “I am peace” is recited.

How to Choose a Mala?

A mala can represent different things for different people, some people will use it to guide them in their meditation journey, other will use it for their healing properties or simply as a symbol.

Whichever the reason, choosing a mala can be daunting, especially with the large availability of gemstones and diverse meanings.

What we recommend is to choose the mala you feel the most drawn to, the mala the attract you the most, the one you feel more curious with, or simply your favorite color, if you pick your mala this way, you will never choose the wrong one.

As a Bonus, We provide Guided Meditations, and a Gemstone Guidebook to help you understand the benefits of gemstones.

Introducing the most exquisite collection yet...

The Zen Collection by MeruBeadsThe Zen Collection by MeruBeads

Handmade Premium Mala Beads Necklaces

Premium Malas Designed in New York, Made with Love

  1. Choose a spot and sit comfortably with your spine straight and your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths to center and align yourself with your intention.
  2. Use a mantra of your own ("I am Enough")- chanting aloud or silently.
  3. Hold your MeruBeads in your right hand, draped between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead (Biggest Bead), use your thumb to count each smaller bead, pulling it toward you as you recite your mantra. Do this 108 times, traveling around the MeruBeads, until you once again reach the guru bead.
  4. If you want to continue the meditation, instead of passing over the guru bead, simply reverse direction and begin again.

How to Cleanse your Mala?

There are a few different ways you can cleanse your Mala beads, here are a few tips:

  • Occasionally wash your Mala beads with warm soapy water and let it get some direct sunlight or moonlight, this will remove dust and some of the negative energy it has collected. Use a delicate brush to scrub the beads. Leave the beads to fully dry
  • If the silk tassel has missed its shape, you can fix it by slightly wetting your hand, grabbing a hold of the tassel with your palm and slightly pulling the tassel downward a few times until you wet the tassel, hang it on a doorknob and let it dry.
Obsidian Mala Necklace Obsidian Mala Necklace

"I am Strong" Black Obsidian

Courage + Grounding + Protection It is Believed that Obsidian Blocks Negativity, Helps Protect Against Depression, Symbolizes Self-Control amp; Resilience.

Personal Note Another one of the four original malas. It has a very special energy. Although on rare occasions, it can be too strong for some users. Weights 3 oz or 15 US quarter coins, and this gives me a boost of confidence, I wear it when I seek to feel in control during tough times. November's Birthstone

Howlite Mala Necklace"noscript"Howlite Mala Necklace

"I am Success" White Howlite

Patience + Ambition It is Believed that Howlite Relieves Stress amp; Anxiety. Increases Understanding and Patience, Boosts Motivation and Ambition.

Personal Note The Howlite beads resemble exquisite white-marble pebbles. It is a heavy necklace weighting 4oz - about 20 US quarter coins. I meditate with this necklace when I feel stagnant. It gives me a sense of optimism and increases my motivation to reach my goals. The combination of the white howlite beads and the black silky tassel makes it look super elegant, wear them on any occasion. June's Birthstone

Sandalwood Mala NecklaceSandalwood Mala Necklace

“I am Peace” Sandalwood

Calming + Healing It is Believed that Sandalwood has Healing Properties, Supports the Immune System. Increases Optimism amp; Clarity of Thought.

Personal Note This is mala is made of natural wood so expect an awesome natural fragrance. As soon as you hold this mala, you will notice how light the beads are. I love how much texture and color shades the beads have. This mala makes me calm, I love using it on high-stress days, such a day full of important meetings.

Nephrite Jade Mala NecklaceNephrite Jade Mala Necklace

“I am Fearless” Nephrite Jade

Protection + Good Fortune + Connection - It is Believed that Nephrite is a stone of health, abundance, and success. It carries a revitalizing energy that can help speed emotional healing. It pushes you to try new things and enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Personal Note I recommend this one so much, it helps outgrow emotional troubles while instigates growth and adventure. Meditate on this one when you feel stagnant. Weights 2.8oz or 14 US quarter coins. March's Birthstone

Obsidian Mala Necklace "noscript"Obsidian Mala Necklace
"p" Black Obsidian

Howlite Mala Necklace"noscript"Howlite Mala Necklace
"p" White Howlite

Sandalwood Mala Necklace"noscript"Sandalwood Mala Necklace
"p" Sandalwood

Nephrite Jade Mala Necklace"noscript"Nephrite Jade Mala Necklace
"p" Green Nephrite

Red Leopardskin Jasper Mala Necklace"noscript"Red Leopardskin Jasper Mala Necklace

“I am Dedicated” Red Leopardskin Jasper

Protection + Energy + Growth - Red Leopardskin Jasper is a strong self-healing and nurturing stone that helps to further your personal growth. It sustains and supports through times of stress, bringing tranquility and wholeness that you are looking for to calm the emotions.

Personal Note Great Mala for all year round, specially for people who tend to procrastinate, as it guides you to focus in your goals. Weights just over 2.8oz or 14 US quarter coins.

Black Veined Jasper Mala Necklace"noscript"Black Veined Jasper Mala Necklace

“I am Determined” Black Veined Jasper

Grounding + Stability + Strength - Black Jasper is a highly protective stone that sustains and supports through times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. It can help in connecting one's higher vibrations to the earth, utilized for its strong healing and absorbs negative energy.

Personal Note

Wrights 3.8oz or 19 US quarter coins. Another great option when you are seeking nurturing and protection. I wear this mala when I want to attract peace and discipline in my life.

African Turquoise Mala NecklaceAfrican Turquoise Mala Necklace

“I am Divine” African Turquoise

Truth + Guidance + Calmness - African Turquoise enhances communication, Opens the mind to new ideas, Increases energy and reduces depression.

Personal Note - I recommend this mala to everyone seeking for more adventure in their lives. December's birthstone.

Weights 3.45oz or just over 17 US quarter coins.

Labradorite, Obsidian and Hematite Mala"noscript"Labradorite, Obsidian and Hematite Mala

“I am Order” Labradorite + Hematite + Obsidian

Determination + Strength + Grounding - Brings strength during challenging times. It banishes fears and insecurities amp; increases perseverance. Blocks negativity, protect against depression and clears confusion.

Personal Note - I have recently started meditating daily with the "I am Order" mala and has helped me to control my emotions in these challenging times we are experiencing.

Red Leopardskin Jasper Mala Necklace"noscript"Red Leopardskin Jasper Mala Necklace
"p" Red Leopardskin Mala

Black Veined Jasper Mala Necklace"noscript"Black Veined Jasper Mala Necklace
"p" Black Veined Jasper

African Turquoise Mala Necklace"noscript"African Turquoise Mala Necklace
"p" African Turquoise

Clear Quartz Mala Necklace"noscript"Clear Quartz Mala Necklace
"p" Labradorite + Hematite + Obsidian

Rose Quartz Mala Necklace"noscript"Rose Quartz Mala Necklace

“I am Enough” Rose Quartz

Deep Healing + Harmony + Self-Love It is Believed that Rose Quartz enhances higher self-love, peace, and self-care. Balance emotions and Raises Self-esteem. Dissolves emotional wounds and resentment. Opens to give and receive love.

Personal Note The Self-Love mala with it's powerful "I am enough" mantra has become one of our customer's favorites. It makes you believe in yourself, great mala to have all the time. October's Birthstone - Weights 3.3oz or just under 17 US quarter coins.


"I am Love" Garnet

Stability + Calmness + Intuition

Natural stress reliever, Increases clarity of mind amp; Facilities decision making. Develops wisdom and greater understanding.

February's birthstone.

Sodalite Mala Beads Necklace"noscript"Sodalite Mala Beads Necklace

"I am Blessed" Sodalite

Order + Emotional Balance - Brings Order and Calmness to the Mind. Encourages Emotional Balance and Calms Panic Attacks.

Personal Note One of our newest malas, Awesome mala for uncertain times, eases the mind and helps you focus in what matters most.

Pictures Jasper Mala"noscript"Pictures Jasper Mala

“I am Spiritual” Picture Jasper

Understanding + Connection - Enhances our Understanding and Acceptance of our Past. Provides Courage and Confidence for the Future.

Personal Note - One of the newest malas in our collection, This mala is used for letting go of the past, forgiveness is a key part to be at ease with ourselves.

Rose Quartz Mala Necklace"noscript"Rose Quartz Mala Necklace
"p" Rose Quartz

Red Garnet Mala"noscript"Red Garnet Mala
"p" Amethyst

Sodalite Mala Beads Necklace"noscript"Sodalite Mala Beads Necklace
"p" Sodalite

Pictures Jasper Mala"noscript"Pictures Jasper Mala
"p" Picture Jasper


Premium Mala Beads Necklace - 8mm Mala Necklace - Japa Mala - 10

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