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Many of the chronic diseases that afflict our society can be largely attributed to our diet and lifestyles. Most of our daily diet today consists of foods that are stripped of important nutrients, minerals, and trace elements that have been depleted from the soil in which food crops are grown. In many instances, it is these natural nutrients that regulate and promote proper metabolic function. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the relationship between diet and health. That is, certain foods may have a significant impact on our overall health. In response to this growing awareness, The U.S. Institute of Medicine recently introduced the concept of “functional foods” to the general public. Functional foods have been defined as “foods that encompass potentially healthful products including modified food or ingredient that may provide a health benefit beyond the traditional nutrients it contains.”

Although this phrase was newly coined, this concept has, in fact, existed all along in ancient civilizations throughout the world. The renowned Greek physician Hippocrates, who was commonly referred to as the “Father of Modern Medicine,” had already been advocating the concept of “functional foods” by the middle of the 1st century BCE. In fact, he is remembered today by his famous quote “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

In recent years, medicinal mushrooms have exploded in the health foods arena and are currently prized as some of the most beneficial functional foods. Mushrooms have long been cherished for their unique taste as food flavoring and teas. Many traditions have also utilized mushrooms for medicinal purposes and have passed down the miraculous effects of natural mushroom remedies to later generations. Because most of these medicinal mushrooms were difficult to harvest in the wild, they were extremely expensive and reserved only for the rich and powerful. Although over 270 species of medicinal mushrooms have been recorded throughout history, we have selected only the rarest and most precious mushrooms to cultivate, and we produce high-quality extracts from the mycelia and fruiting bodies of authentic species of mushroom cultures.

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All Primordia Mushroom Extracts Are Adaptogens

All of our health foods are potent natural adaptogens. Adaptogens are biological modulators, modifiers, or enhancers that restore the body’s balance and homeostasis, thereby helping the body readjust to stress or disease conditions. In this sense, they help reset the homeostat of the body. Adaptogens are often effective in small quantities, and they tend to simultaneously impact several of the main physiological systems of the body. Likewise, although each one of our foods has a main focus of action on a particular body function, it also interfaces actively with all other major systems in the body. As a result, each mushroom adaptogen is expected to bring a multitude of health benefits to the body and mind.

The Tradition of Adaptogens in TCM

In Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medicines and foods were classified into three categories, namely superior, medium, and inferior. All superior foods or medicines are known to have a multitude of beneficial activities that impact the body’s hormonal and immunological functions as well as every major body function. They are known to leave the body detoxified and rejuvenated and are uplifting to the body and mind. The body is said to become “decongested,” “de-obstructed,” or “clarified” with the use of such foods. Using this ancient vocabulary, it can be said that all our mushrooms would be considered superior medicinal foods and, likewise, all such mushrooms and superior medicinal herbs from ancient times would be considered adaptogens today.

Our Guarantee for High-Quality, All-Natural Products

We guarantee to bring you only the best adaptogens from all over the world. Each adaptogen carries a long history and tradition of health benefits recorded over many generations. They are all safe for long-term use. With our own bio-fermentation and cGMP certified manufacturing and bottling facility, we provide you with the highest quality natural products and extracts that are exclusively obtained from organic sources. In our extraction process, we utilize gentle extraction methods at low temperatures in order to retain all of the functional enzymatic activities in our foods. Biological activities are always assayed to make sure that our foods are retained “live.”

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.