Pure and Natural Extracts

Geographic Authenticity of Our Cordyceps Mushrooms

Our Cordyceps mycelia are cultivated in nourishing conditions with sufficient minerals and trace elements and micro-clustered water that is processed through a proprietary materials technology and that results in energetic activation. Under the right temperature, humidity, and growing conditions, we have found that the growth patterns of our Cordyceps are markedly different from the growth patterns of Cordyceps cultivated in commercially available culture medium that has not been tuned to the micro-nutrients and optimal physicochemical conditions that we deem critical. While mycelia growth in regular culture medium is erratic and slow, growth in our unique nourishing environment yields active colonies with robust division and branching. The strong outward growth of the mycelia and dense colonies indicate the importance of having native environmental conditions for proper mycelia growth.

To harvest our product, we use energetically-activated water to extract the mycelia cells without affecting the natural bioactivities of the cells. This unique process helps to preserve the enzymatic bioactivities and retain the precious minerals and trace elements that are readily assimilated by the body.

High-Quality, 100% Pure Extracts

Using 100% water-soluble medium to grow our Cordyceps specimen, we have been able to cultivate pure mycelia without retaining any residue from the medium. Our Cordyceps extracts are therefore 100% Cordyceps. To date, we have not come across one single product sample with this kind of integrity and purity. All the products that we have examined contain a substantial amount of solid residues, often exceeding half of the mass, that originate from the media used and that have nothing to do with Cordyceps cellular mass.

To our knowledge, we are also the only ones to use low-temperature freezing dehydration as part of our effort to fully preserve all the enzymatic and biological activities. We strongly believe that by nurturing ourĀ Cordyceps specimens in a manner that mimics their pristine natural habitat, they will provide the best living proof attesting to the wisdom of the ancients, who have consideredĀ Cordyceps to be a miraculous health tonic for thousands of years.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.