Our Laboratories


Applied Microbiology and Genetic Engineering Laboratory
Includes a molecular biology laboratory, clean room, analytical laboratory, strain improvement room, and general microbiology laboratory
(General appearance of Applied Microbiology Laboratory, High-speed centrifuges, Low-temperature Shaker/incubator Room, Strain R&D area, Preparative High Performance Chromatographs)

Biotechnological Manufacturing Process R&D Laboratory
Includes a plant cell culture room, animal cell culture room, microbial bioreactor lab, online monitoring area, and manufacturing condition analysis room
(Microbial Bioreactor Laboratory, Online Instantaneous Magnetic Mass Spectrometer, Elemental Analyzer (CNPS), Absolute Molecular Weight Measuring Device, Biochemical Analysis Room, Particle Size Analyzer, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer)

Biotechnological Manufacturing Process R&D Laboratory: Animal Cell Culture Laboratory
(Protein Purification Equipment, Protein Electrophoresis Equipment, Hollow Fiber Cell Culture Device, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Pilot-scale Expanded Bed, Cell Culture Reactor)