Authentic Species

Guaranteed Authentic

Many of the medicinal mushroom products sold in today’s market are not the authentic or true mushroom species found in the wild. Because many of these mushrooms are rare in nature and therefore extremely expensive, or are very difficult to cultivate in the lab, many products sold today use contaminant or inauthentic mushroom species that are easier to cultivate and cheaper to maintain. In fact, many of the mushrooms sold today were initially selected as contaminant species and were propagated in culture without verifiable evidence to confirm their lineage or relationship to the wild species.

At Primordia, we have always deemed this chaotic state of the marketplace unacceptable since it stands to corrupt the heritage associated with ancient remedies and natural methods of healing. We believe that it is our collective obligation to preserve this heritage of ancient healing transmitted through folk medicine and traditional practices and certified by countless generations to date. It is our mission to make sure that this heritage is not forgotten but instead reintroduced through modern science and evidence-based approaches. We therefore use biotechnology and medicine to confirm the wisdom of the ancients, and we strive to educate people in a manner that is both valued and accepted by our modern day society. However, this can only be achieved if we start with the right foundations. In this case, our foundations are rooted in the cultivation of the true species of medicinal mushrooms used by traditional doctors for the past few millennia. Through years of strain selection, research, testing, and collaboration with experts worldwide, we have managed to obtain the true species of all the medicinal mushrooms that we currently offer. In fact, our Research and Development Team has spent countless hours in the lab cultivating and analyzing our specimen to ensure the authenticity of our offerings and to guarantee that our products are safe, pure, and natural.

All of the medicinal mushroom species that we have chosen to cultivate have been shown to be the true and authentic species through rDNA sequence alignment. This has been deemed to be the most accurate genetic analysis used to compare between various populations of mushrooms. Such comparisons reveal that our strains match the identity of the true wild-type species found in nature. Our Cordyceps sinensis, Antrodia cinnamomea, Ganoderma lucidum, and Agaricus blazei Murill all exhibit over a 99% similarity in rDNA sequence alignment when compared to the rDNA of the wild-type species. The less than 1% variance in rDNA sequence can be explained through genetic diversity within any given species. That is, since different members or strains of the same species have slightly variable rDNA sequences, it is natural for strains within the same species to differ by a few rDNA nucleotides. The genetic variance can be likened to the nucleotide diversity between humans. Although all humans are categorized as the same species, we all have slightly different DNA. Like humans, different strains of mushrooms are slightly different in their genetic makeup. With such a miniscule variance in rDNA, the sequence comparison reveals that our products are identical to the wild-type species found in nature. To our knowledge, we are the only producer of mushroom supplements around the world who has been able to achieve this level of genetic similarity in our products.