Our products are grown in nurturing environments that mimic the natural growing conditions of the wild species. This concept of providing a geographically authentic region for cultivation and growth is known in Chinese as Dao Di. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the quality of an herb or mushroom specimen is believed to be associated with the specific region in which the species is naturally found. That is, the particular conditions of a certain geographical region give the species its distinctiveness and uniqueness. Along this same line of reasoning, it is well accepted that the best and highest quality Cordyceps sinensis comes from its native region in the cold, snowy Himalayan mountains of Tibet and China. In marked contrast and still according to the “geo-authentic” concept, were Cordcyeps sinensis grown in a hot, humid low terrain in the south of China, the mushroom would be distinctly different and less potent than the wild species grown in its natural environment. These marked differences in efficacy have been documented through countless anecdotal case studies preserved through traditional medicinal practices as well as through more recent clinical studies.

We have applied the concept of Dao Di or geographic authenticity to our growing process and have provided our mushroom cultures with the proper growing conditions that mimic their natural environment. We have dedicated years of research to understanding and then replicating the kind of water, soil, temperature, humidity, light, and nutrition conditions that are normally found in the native environment of medicinal mushrooms. It turns out that all such medicinal mushrooms that we have studied to date are highly selective (or capricious) in terms of their physicochemical and biotic habitat requirements! These conditions cannot be provided in isolation but instead must follow a matrix of influences that together mold the mushrooms into the precious foods for which they have become known. By replicating their natural growing conditions, including the right kind of water properties, cyclical temperature changes, availability of micro-nutrients at the right time, exposure to geo-electromagnetic and geometrical influences, and so forth, we are able to facilitate the growth and development of our mushroom cultures, producing extracts even more potent than the wild species. In fact, having mastered the complexities of these geo-authentic influences, we are convinced that our mushrooms are enriched and nourished with important nutrients often lacking in our diet. As such, we would like to think of our mushroom offerings as vehicles or carriers of important micro-nutrients that are lacking in the modern diet. We thus bring you a series of the best, purest, and highest quality mushroom extracts that is even better and more potent than the wild species.