100% Pure & Natural

High Purity & Zero Contamination

The nutrient broths that we use to grow and ferment our mushroom extracts are unlike those used by most other companies. Generally, soy flour or yeast media are used to cultivate mycelia. However, these types of media are insoluble in water and leave heavy residue that is ultimately incorporated into the final product. There are mushroom products in the market in which unconverted residual substrates from the growing media make up the bulk, usually over half, of the final product!

At Primordia, we use a special blend for our nutrient broth, allowing us to cultivate our mycelia cells without leaving behind any residue. In fact, as seen in the figure below, our medium is completely water-soluble and is free of any contamination that may be present in other market products grown on farms or in non-sterile conditions.

We utilize a low-temperature freeze-drying technology in order to maintain the highest possible bio-activity within the final extracts. These techniques, combined with our relentless pursuit for the highest standards in hygiene through the use of clean facilities, help ensure that our products remain pure and enzymatically active throughout the entire fermentation process.