Antrodia cinnamomea

Antrodia cinnamomea, formerly named Antrodia camphorata, is a rare medicinal mushroom well-known for its miraculous effect on a number of health conditions, especially those pertaining to the liver and cancerous growths. It has been used in ancient indigenous traditions as an enhancer of body metabolism, strength, and longevity and as an ameliorant of fatigue. Found only on the island of Taiwan and once only known to the aboriginal culture, Antrodia cinnamomea grows slowly in the rotting inner trunk cavities of the rare, indigenous, endangered camphor tree Cinnamomum kanehirai, a broad-leafed evergreen tree that grows at altitudes of 450-2000 meters in low-elevation mountainous terrain. This peculiar combination of slow growth and host-specific requirements makes this mushroom one of the highest priced food items in the world with prices up to US $5,000 per kilogram.

Our Unique Authentic Antrodia Offerings

By simulating the wild growth environment in our modern facilities through optimal temperature and humidity control, geomagnetic considerations, and the infusion of the right mixture of micro-nutrients depending on the maturation stage of the mushroom, Primordia has been able to successfully cultivate the precious fruiting bodies and mycelia of the Antrodia cinnamomea mushroom. In fact, our strain of Antrodia cinnamomea has a rDNA sequence that is almost identical to that of the wild-type mushroom found in nature, with a 99.680% similarity.

Through modern biotechnology techniques designed to attain geographic authenticity, or what the Chinese refer as Dao Di, at last we believe to have taken mushroom cultivation to the 21st century. From our own studies, it is obvious that the key factors influencing the optimal growth and maturation of this mushroom species are not isolated individual factors but rather a host of them that interplay with each other. Thus, the micro-nutrients needed by any mushroom cannot be statically programmed or fixed irrespective of the maturation stage of the mushroom. They have to be molded just as the other physicochemical parameters need to be changed and refined depending on the maturation stage of the mushroom. What comprise these key factors is the result of almost three decades of dedicated study and observation by our group. We have thus developed our own version of proprietary water and trace element chemistries. We have also explored the relationships between micro-nutrients and ambient stresses on the growth and sexual maturation of mushrooms. We have carefully mimicked these changes as they occur in the natural habitats of the mushroom. Our mushroom cultures are enriched with the right balance of bioactive compounds and trace minerals. Furthermore, our crops are harvested and extracted carefully to the highest quality and hygiene standards. In fact, we believe that our unique and radically different cultivation techniques enable us to produce crops that exceed the best of those found in the wild. Upon laboratory analysis, our pure Antrodia cinnamomea extracts contain bioactive ingredients that match and exceed those associated with the rare wild mushroom.

Our Antrodia cinnamomea culture has been proven through rDNA sequence alignment to be the authentic species of the mushroom. Tests reveal that our culture has a 99.680% similarity in rDNA sequence with the wild-type strain.

Our Antrodia mushrooms are 100% pure and do not contain any residues from our growing medium. They are cultivated in geographically authentic conditions that mimic their natural habitat, yielding mushrooms that are even more potent than those found in the wild.

Once used by Taiwanese aborigines to enhance liver function and to treat liver cancer, Antrodia has become a popular health supplement for its versatile medicinal properties.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. In fact, we believe that in order to obtain optimal health, there is the need for a radical transformation in one’s lifestyle that should include the adherence to a balanced diet, regular exercise, proper methods of breathing, and positive and healthy ways of thinking. In this sense then, the mushrooms can be seen as adjuvants for health. It should be noted that the activities of wild-type Antrodia are being shared here for educational purposes only. Interested readers can pursue further literature research to assess the validity and the reliability of these activities and to arrive at an impartial and educated view of this species of mushroom.