Pure and Natural Extracts

Geographic Authenticity of Our Antrodia Mushrooms

Cultivating the right strain of mushroom is only the first step. The bulk of the technology that confers geographic authenticity to any mushroom—rarely discussed by any other manufacturer—lies within the cultivation methods used. We have developed growing conditions that mimic the mushroom’s natural habitat. We have carefully studied the growth patterns of Antrodia cinnamomea and their dependence on environmental factors. Our ability to replicate these conditions in our facilities is one of the biggest breakthroughs that we have achieved to date. Thus, our mushrooms are not only enriched with a plethora of micro-nutrients, including rare minerals and trace elements that are often lacking from our daily diet, but they also carry vitality and potency that resemble or exceed those observed in the wild species.

High-Quality, 100% Pure Extracts

Because the mushroom is rare and difficult to cultivate in the greenhouse, it is expensive and can cost up to the thousands of dollars per kilogram. These conditions make this mushroom largely unaffordable for mass consumption. With modern biotechnology, the process of obtaining these mushrooms is much easier and thus much more affordable as well.  However, cultivated extracts are prone to microbial and insect contamination during the bottling process, and effective, high-quality, and pure extracts of Antrodia cinnamomea are extremely difficult to obtain in today’s market. Our in-house cGMP certified facilities and stringent checkpoints in the manufacturing and bottling process ensure that all products are safe, hygienic, clean, and 100% free of impurity and microbial contamination.

We use nutrient broths that are completely water-soluble to grow our Antrodia cinnamomea mycelia. The water-soluble nutrient broths do not leave any residues during the cultivation of our mushroom strain and thus prevent the contamination of our products with exogenous substances of low or unrelated nutritional value. We also use low-temperature freeze-drying technology in order to maintain the highest enzymatic bioactivity within our mushroom extracts.

Our fruiting bodies are also carefully grown and harvested attending to the concept of geographic authenticity, which we believe is key to ensuring the efficacy of any medicinal mushroom.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.