Research and Development

Our Global cGMP Certified Facilities

Guaranteed cGMP

Using the most advanced 21st century fermentation, metabolic engineering, and biochemical engineering technologies, Primordia brings you the highest quality mushroom extracts produced in our own current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified and FDA registered manufacturing and bottling facilities. Through the diligence of our R&D team in North America and Asia, Primordia is presently the world leader in research and commercial mass production of endomycorrhizal fungi. Our state-of-the-art installations include multifunctional R&D buildings and five greenhouses with the latest equipment for microorganism research. In addition to features that can automatically adjust sunlight and temperature, the buildings is situated on a 50-cm-thick cement foundation. This uniquely designed platform allows our greenhouses to effectively control their indoor cleanliness and facilitates specialized farming and environmental and biotechnological research, development, and production.

Our modern fermentation and manufacturing facilities are based at a leading University in Taiwan where we have developed metabolic engineering and related biotechnological downstream processes for bacteria, fungi, plant, and animal cells. Our collaboration extends to research partnerships with various institutions which have invested enormous manpower and resources over the years in basic and applied biomedical as well as all aspects of clinical research, with the hopes of achieving a better understanding of human diseases.

Proprietary Fermentation Technology and Metabolic Engineering

Our comprehensive and integrated biotechnology efforts combine and utilize our multiple centers of excellence and interests, including the medical and basic science expertise of our hospitals and universities, to formulate solutions to some of the more serious problems plaguing mankind today. Through years of diligent R&D, our company has become a world leader in strain screening, molecular biological identification of strains, and manufacturing process improvement. We work with a wide spectrum of cells and lead in high cell density manufacturing technology, bio-processing scale-up and scale-down technologies, process optimization, media design, bio-process validation, simulation technology, and many other aspects of metabolic engineering.

In terms of strain screening and molecular identification of strains, our company has successfully screened a selection of fungal strains from naturally-occurring wild-type specimen. Utilizing molecular identification technology to compare our cultured fungal strains with the wild-type strains from the global genome database, our cultured strains must show at least a 99% similarity to the rDNA sequence of wild-type strains before they can be deemed authentic. This approach stands in marked contrast to current harvesting and manufacturing practices adopted worldwide, and we have yet to find strains that stand up to this kind of careful scrutiny. Sadly, we believe that the adulteration of mushrooms by means of selling these false or unverifiable strains has done much damage to the reputation of these ancient medicinal mushrooms and the many miraculous medicinal properties associated with them. By providing our strains with their natural growing conditions, including proper environmental conditions, temperature, soil minerals, and water, we feel that we are in effect paying respect to the wisdom of the ancient healers. Perhaps not surprisingly, the mushroom extracts developed carefully in this manner are also distinct in flavor, appearance, and color,separating them from all existing medicinal mushrooms found in the marketplace.

Affordable, High Quality Products

Our vision has always been to make all of our products affordable to the general public. Many of these precious mushrooms, like Cordyceps sinensis, were rare in nature and had miraculous effects on health. As such, they were once considered “the foods or elixirs of emperors.” By utilizing numerous modern cell-growth optimization skills, we have been able to optimize the cell yields, thereby reducing the production costs and increasing savings for the end-user. In addition to making these precious food delicacies affordable to the masses, we believe that our products are superior to the wild form. Not only do our products have genetic fingerprints, nutritional composition, and metabolite profiles identical to the natural wild-type mushroom strains, our products are in fact, more potent and stable and are therefore much more consistent from lot to lot. They are also free of any bacterial pollutants, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Our biotechnology research and production team is not only technologically proficient, but more importantly, we are all passionate about our company’s vision and the products that we provide to our customers. Passion, positive intentionality, and professionalism go hand-in-hand in all aspects of our operation. There is not one product offered by us that we would not personally use or give to our own family members. We are certain that after getting to know our dedicated team, you will also sense our enthusiastic belief in the excellence and unique effectiveness of our products.