Safety and Quality Control

We vow to bring to you only the safest and highest quality products. Since all of our foods and health supplements are produced in our own plants rather than outsourced to other manufacturing companies, we ensure the quality of our products with rigorous quality control measures during the production and bottling process. All of our ingredients are natural and safe for consumption. All raw materials are carefully screened for cleanliness and exact specifications. Each manufacturing step has its own check point and system of quality control. For example, for each lot of extracts that are produced, several real-time dynamic parameters must be recorded and assessed to ensure product quality and consistency. Our external use products are also designed with this safety and quality guarantee in mind. Not only must our manufacturing process exceed acceptable cGMP practices, but in all instances, all products must exceed our own internal standards, which are in effect even more stringent than the conventional cGMP standards.

This commitment to quality and safety is strongly shared by every member of our Group. There is not one product that we ourselves would not use personally, endorse strongly, and provide to our own family members. This is the level of trust that we have placed in each one of our products, and we hope that this level of responsibility and care will come across as you experience each one of our natural health products.