Why Primordia?

Guaranteed Authentic

True Mushroom Species

Unlike market products that use inauthentic or adulterated species of mushrooms, our products contain only the highest quality mushroom strains that have been scientifically proven through genetic analysis to be identical to the true wild-type species.

Primordia Elements

Proprietary Micro-Nutrients and Trace Element Technology

We infuse and nourish our mushroom cultures with essential minerals and trace elements that are often lacking from our daily diet. Our proprietary blend of micro-nutrients enhances the growth and functional bioactivity of our mycelia cells, making them robust and healthy.

Geo Authentic Products

Geographically Authentic Growing Conditions

Our mushrooms are grown in an environment that mimics the natural growing conditions of the wild species with proper water, soil, temperature, light, humidity, and nutrients, resulting in products that are superior to commercial market products. It took us over two decades to mimic Mother Nature in its entirety. The wild mushrooms are effective not only because of their genetic authenticity but also because of the geographically demanding living conditions that we have managed to replicate, which represent a body of science unto itself.

Pure Extracts

100% Pure Extracts without Contamination

Most mushrooms are grown in a cheap, water insoluble medium with unprocessed residual substrate often making up over 50% of the final product! Grown in a proprietary water-soluble medium that leaves no residual substrate, our mushroom products are 100% pure and natural with zero contamination.