Going Nano

“You can trace every sickness, every ailment, and every disease to a mineral deficiency.”
Linus Pauling, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner


Importance of Nano-Sized, Live Trace Elements

We all know that in order to live healthily, we must consume foods that contain sufficient calories and that have the necessary vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to ensure proper metabolic functions. However, most of the foods that we consume today lack a number of important nutrients, especially trace elements and minerals. This nutrient deficiency results from the way that foods have been planted and harvested for the past several hundred years. Moreover, over-processed and overcooked foods kill live enzymes and many other nutrients vital to our health. Essentially, the bulk of the typical modern diet is dead food. It is widely acknowledged that the lack of nutrients in our foods is largely responsible for many of our modern day health problems.

Our Proprietary Nanotechnology Technique

After two decades of dedicated research, we at Primordia have developed an in-house nanotechnology platform to extract elements in a size so small that it is at least one one-thousandths times smaller than regular-complexed elements. In this form, these trace elements are soluble and are easily assimilated by all life-forms, including plants and humans. They are also highly catalytic and appear to be necessary for the function of the many enzymes in the body. Because of their remarkable activity in the body, we have termed these elements Primordia Elements® since we strongly believe that they are primordial in nature and therefore important in initiating, regulating, and promoting all aspects of biological life.

All of our foods are grown or supplemented with these Primordia Elements®, which include our blend of soluble trace elements in sub-nano size. Using a sophisticated combination of various cutting-edge fermentation and nano- technologies, we are able to incorporate our Primordia Elements® directly into the mycelium cells of our mushroom cultures, making these minerals and trace elements readily bio-available to the body. We have long observed that all functional activities are remarkably enhanced or “potentiated” by the presence of these trace elements. In fact, our mycelium cells are remarkably healthy and resemble crops found only in the wild. The revolutionary technologies used in our product development and the gentle way in which our foods are processed make our line of health foods truly unique in their potency and nutritional composition.